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my doodle turned into a not so doodle //ming
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dessin d’anniversaire pour naimane
freona: Aha! I think I'm late on saying this, but Happy Birthday!!!!

it’s alright, thanks a bunch! ;u;

Anonymous: would that anon be able to submit the photo of the shoes? uwu i'd like to see them too!

Hey anon check out this other anon yep!

Anonymous: Hey Nai, remember like a while ago when someone asked you if they could paint their shoes with Jack on them? *cough*itwasme*cough* I'm almost done with them (after taking forever because I'm lazy) but...how exactly am I supposed to show you them when I'm done? *probably should have figured that out sooner* ewe"

omg I dunnooo, take a photo and link it to me? or just tag me and I’ll see it I guess ;u;

I can’t do it
thevasthonk: So did you get any coll presents?

Not rly but it’s ok, I didn’t wish for anything anyway, or well…I never really wish for anything for my birthday haha.

bruhstrider: Nai, happy birthday!! I hope the rest of your day/night goes wonderfully for you! :))

Thank you very much ;uuu;

acidicchoco: Happy birthday you!! ;flees away;

Thank you! ;u;


Happy Birthday, Naimane!

I already screamed about it on dA but JFC SERIOUSLY I LOVE IT ;____;

OMG hAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US I’ve like never met another person that has birthday the same day as me THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR SOME REASON

hikaoru13: I've been seeing lots of birthday wishes on my dash... So, happy birthday to you. :3 Are you really 13 though?

Thanks! ;u; and ahahaha life would be great if I was, I WISH

sleepyriku: BIRTHDAY I HEARD BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NERD you're officially 13, practically a man now

THANKS MAN so great finally being 13, I’m unstoppable now! Gonna go kick some trees and scream at some flowers

Anonymous: I only discovered Miyavi a few months ago so I can't say I see the similarities between him and Uta, do you possibly have any examples? ;u,

Pretty sure I don’t have to put this here but just in case, here’s Utaimage
And here’s Miyavi:
imageI mean c’mon guys.